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Your Irish Family - Start Finding Your Irish Past Now

Tracing Your History Irish Genealogy

Irish Genealogy

Tracing Your Irish Family History

It is a fact that nearly everybody is interested in their family irish genealogy, none more so than those of us that are of Irish ancestry! This is because we are a proud nation steeped in history and folklore, and over the generations when forced by circumstances or otherwise, our people have dispersed to all parts of the globe, but the pride in being Irish still burns passionately! And because you like us are of this rich heritage we would very much like to assist you in every possible way in tracing your own family historyusing irish genealogy. We are proud members of the Association of Professional Genealogists, The Genealogical Society of Ireland and The Society of Genealogists and are therefore able to access all available records, ancient and modern, to provide you with the most accurate results possible every time. So, why not try using our Ireland based team of dedicated genealogists to trace your Irish ancestors, we are waiting for you!